A little about myself. 


Just another human being from Mississauga (30 mins from Toronto), showcasing his vocal prowess from time to time. The classic "about me" page wreaks of cliche for me, so I'll cut right to the chase by letting the content speak for itself. 

I curate and host 2 podcasts, and new episodes are released on a random Wednesday. It's actually a mixed bag, since listeners do not know which specific podcast's episode is dropping that day. 

The intentions behind the microphone are noble. The goal is simple. I truly hope, that if you are listening, maybe you can relate, chime in, learn and take something away from this to use in your own life. 

We all have such a limited time on earth and we get so caught up in its rat race, we often forget about the power we harness deep down inside, to inspire each other and bring about some necessary change.

And still.. if you find yourself not even remotely entertained, I happen to be a designated Chartered Accountant. Maybe we can discuss your company's bottom line and/or file your taxes if need be.   

Sid Divakar, CPA, CA